At Philanthropy Indaba, we match the world's most critical issues to the world's most compelling destinations for a truly
transformational experience - creating a new gold standard for meaningful travel.

Philanthropy Indaba (“Indaba”) stands at the crossroads of philanthropy and travel: we create philanthropic journeys which are moving
events accessing the best of social enterprise and country/culture.
We enrich the worldview of individuals and organizations through a
thoughtful approach to travel and the exploration of nature and humanity.  

We us
e travel as the means to enable an individual or organization to go out into the world and explore different cultures and ways of life,
understand their challenges and solutions, meet innovative social entrepreneurs, and see the impact on beneficiaries firsthand.

We expertly design exclusive journeys and life experiences, both at home and abroad, that nurture the mind and the soul and bring
individuals to a deeper exploration and understanding of themselves, each other, and the world in which we live.

Each custom journey is created with th
e desire to give our clients access to authentic experiences off the typical tourism path, opportunities
to engage in deep conversation with community leaders, and more importantly,  start to think about how we can all work together to create a
world that works for everyone

Our goal is two fold:
  • To provide individuals with an exceptional journey that transforms the way our clients think about themselves and their role in
    creating meaningful change in the world.
  • To move resources of all kinds towards effective social enterprises worldwide.
indaba: [in dä′bä′] noun; origin Zulu.
a meeting of people from different tribes to engage in discussions around important issues
*Photos credits: All photographs were taken and copyrighted by Maryann Fernandez. No use of photos without prior written permission.