Ever wonder what it's like to be "in the field" with
Philanthropy Indaba? Here are a few short videos from our
travels in Ghana - engaging with local communities,
exploring critical issues and their potential solutions. It's a
vibrant snapshot of our experience - compelling and very
*Videos were shot and edited by Maryann Fernandez, except where noted in final credits. No use of video without prior written permission.
Special Offer from Photographer, Adam Ottke
Videos from the Field
In 2011, photographer and budding philanthropist, Adam Ottke, joined us for an amazing
journey to Ghana. Charismatic and engaging, Adam easily connected with the locals. Moved by
the issues we explored and the organizations we visited, he is putting up a group of photos for
sale - professionally printed - accompanied by a personally written narrative of his experience. A
portion of the proceeds will benefit Just Shea.
Photographer, Adam Ottke, with some new friends.
Read Adam's beautiful narrative about this photo: The Magazia's Hands