What will YOUR JOURNEY look like this year?

  • Have you started seeking out people that will INSPIRE you?
  • Do you have activities planned that will DEEPLY INFORM your giving, social investments and even
    your life’s work?
  • Have you identified tools that will help you discover the kind of ENGAGEMENT and CREATIVITY you
    would like to see in your philanthropy?
  • Or more simply, have you and your family been seeking a more purposeful or MEANINGFUL travel

Philanthropy Indaba can help you make this year the year of LIVING PHILANTHROPY. We want to awaken
the possibilities of creating meaningful and lasting change with amazing partners on the ground.

These photos are of three women that I carry in my heart. I met the first in Tilonia, India, where they were
teaching illiterate women to be a solar engineers - we didn't speak the same language but it didn't matter.  
The second woman was in Gushie, Ghana, where village women will receive protective gear and be able to
harvest shea for income. And the last - a little girl - I met in a steamy, smoky garbage dump in Phnom Penh,
Cambodia where she and a little friend spent their day collecting scrap metal for money to help her family,
who were also at the dump. My wish for you is that you also have these rich experiences to carry with you,
along with a renewed spirit and dedication to making a difference.

We have the opportunity to give individuals at different stages o
f their lives, the chance to get into the field
and explore different issue areas, connect with social entrepreneurs and key thought leaders, and consider
their unique contribution in bringing about meaningful and lasting change.

Whether you are looking for help creating a complete journey or want help with just a portion of your trip
(even just a day or two), we can bring some interesting ideas to the table. Make your next trip more than just
a vacation, make it a true learning journey, which provides new perspectives and possibilities.

As your collaborator and resource, I am always open to having a conversation about how we might work
together to make this year the year where you discovered how
philanthropy can be!

I look forward to hearing from you!